1. shopping for cheese

    1. Me: I'd like to order a half pound of fresh mozzarella.
    2. Cheese guy: would you like to try Dofino Gouda, handcrafted in Holland, Wisconsin?
    3. Me: YES!!!!
    4. Cheese guy: it's on special today. Would you like to try another piece?
    5. Me: YES!!!! Is this the regular stuff? Not smoked?
    6. Cheese guy: yes. And it is the last wedge we have today.
    7. Me: (grabbing cheese) this has made my day.
    8. Cheese guy: are you always this expressive?
    9. Me: YES!!!!
    1. fuckingplebe said: Everyone should take cheese this seriously.
    2. communicuff said: Please educate me on cheese :)
    3. porchwood said: Dude. You have a store where you can buy fresh mozz by the pound?????? (Not just the shrink-wrapped or prepacked-in-water balls?) *weeps*
    4. pookieh said: Your love of cheese makes me happy :)
    5. peetaspenis said: I love how passionate you are about cheese, haha.
    6. mitchesbcray said: I love your love of cheese.
    7. whiskeysnarker said: Strawberry Chardonnay cheddar for me today. YUM. :D
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