1. penelopeweaving asked: There's a bearded mountain man on Etsyfindoftheday. It's like your two passions came together. If only he also was holding some unsalted butter!

    PDub, he looks fine to me.

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    Things that don’t exist 

    Things that should exist

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    Scene I wish was in the movie…

    One afternoon Peeta stops shading a blossom and looks up so suddenly that I start, as though I were caught spying on him, which in a strange way maybe I was. But he only says, “You know, I think this is the first time we’ve ever done anything normal together.”

    "Yeah," I agree. Our whole relationship has been tainted by the Games. Normal was never a part of it. "Nice for a change."

    Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

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    loveforpanem asked: Okay... So I was going through my grandmother's recipes with my mom looking for something to bake and I came across a recipe I wanted to try. But, it turns out, it doesn't involve baking. It's cherry dumplings (think like chicken and dumplings, only you know, cherries...) Can I still participate this week? Or do I need to hang out from the sidelines until I get my baking act together?

    OMG make them! I shouldn’t have limited people to baking. They sound amazing and I hope you make them (before shipping cherry goodness to me).

  5. For my contribution to “Stuff My Grandmother Made,” I’m going to make Dobos Torte.

    Anyone else know what they are going to bake this week?

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  7. I’d never make it at Coachella

    I don’t like holding hands.

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heard u were talkin shit

Luv dis



    heard u were talkin shit

    Luv dis

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  10. ronanniallynch:

    “I’ve been in your head—once. Just not in your dreams.”

    “Two days ago,” he said, putting it together. “At the rest stop.”

    It was instinct to pull back, to let go before I felt him let go first, but he didn’t allow me.

    “Don’t,” he said. “I’m not mad.”

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Sugared Cranberry Crepe Cake
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    Jennifer Lawrence training to play Katniss in The Hunger Games series.

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    "I never wanted any of you to die for me." - Harry Potter

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The Princess!


    The Princess!

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